How To Make Money Today Gaming (2022)

Updated: Aug 26

No longer fall short at trying to succeed In a gaming career, learn how to earn money playing games like Minecraft, Solitaire, Fortnite, Minecraft, Valorant, Apex Legends and even Snake game with this guide!


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Are you stuck for answers to making gaming a career?

Do you want a job in the video game industry, but you don’t know where to apply? Then you’ve come to the right place – game companies post their job openings online just like any other company (if you know where to look). It’s not always easy to find job boards for game companies near you. Sometimes, it can feel like a game of Hide-and-Seek.

That’s why I’ve done the legwork for you.

Take action with this guide, Every Industry secret is included in this eBook!​

The eBook Contains secrets Used by Faze Clan, Tim The Tatman, Ninja, Lirik, Dr. Disrespect and thousands of more successful Gamers. What are you waiting for? Learn how to make money gaming today!

What is Included?

This Ebook gives away all the biggest tips on how to make money in the gaming industry, whether it be streaming getting sponsorship, or merchandising. ​ Chapter 1: How Do Professional Gamers Make Money?

  • Chapter 2: Different Ways Of Making Money With eSports.

  • Chapter 3: How To Make It In eSports.

  • Chapter 4: Careers In eSports.

  • Chapter 5: Get Sponsorship

  • Chapter 6: Twitch

  • Chapter 7: Youtube

  • Chapter 8: Game Testing

  • Chapter 9: Additional Resources

​ ​

FEEL AS IF YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THE SECRETS OF THE GAMING INDUSTRY? ​ This eBooks contains all of the Industry secrets that some pro gamers are not willing to share.​ Secrets used by Faze Clan, Tim The Tatman, Ninja, Lirik, Dr. Disrespect and Thousands more.. As recently as a decade ago, earning a living playing video games was considered nothing more than a pipe dream – with limited monetization avenues not just for players, but for game developers and publishers as well. The eSports industry itself was still in its infancy, and competitive gaming was little known outside a core group of highly engaged players and fans. Riot Games’ League of Legends Championship Series establishing itself as the third most popular sport in the United States amongst 18-34 year olds, only behind the National Football League and the National Basketball Association. In addition to sanctioned, competitive play, there has been a dramatic up-tick in the number of individuals who have established careers live-streaming video game content on popular sites such as Twitch and YouTube. ​


Tim Greenhill, Streamer

I was getting nowhere with gaming. I read this book and it was like a lightbulb moment.. everything fell into place. Great eBook! Claire Newport, Streamer/Cosplay

I needed help and no matter where I looked I couldn't find advice on building my gaming community. Thank god for this eBook because I am now rocking it! Yusuke Kanamori, eSports Champion

I was already building my way up in eSports. This guide helped me greatly along the way. I can confirm this book really does hold all the secrets

The Author

A. Shaw

"Hi Folks! For the start of my career, whilst marketing studies, I would stream for revenue during University. I became very successful on Twitch & YouTube and got the opportunity to join a community event with Faze Clan members and even Ninja himself. I still stream from time to time but have recently focused on helping others in the gaming community to reach their highest potential. I couldn't help everyone at once so I decided to create an eBook at a very low price & soon plan to create a step-by-step course to get you started."


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